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Eligibility to public Italian tenders is linked to SOA certificates. The tender defines the required qualification criteria of each tenderer for the specific scope of work (category) and relevant ranking, based on project worth.

For the categories where we have achieved the top ranking, Carlo Gavazzi Impianti is allowed to tender for any and all projects without any amount limitation. In particular we can tender for Power Generation, Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing systems (MEP), industrial water treatment, telephone and data systems, Electrical traction for transportation, low voltage systems for infrastructure for civil and infrastructure works. For the other categories we tender up to the amount related to ranking achieved.

Category Classification Amount € Description
OG1 VII 15.494.000 Civil and industrial construction works
OG9 VIII Unlimited Power plants
OG10 VIII Unlimited Substation and HV/MV transmission and distribution systems
OG11 VI 10.329.000 Technological systems
OS9 IVb 3,500.00 Traffic signalling systems
OS16 VI 10.329.000 BOP for power plants
OS19 VI 10.329.000 Telecomunication systems
OS22 VIII Unlimited Water purification and treatment plants
OS27 III 1,033,00 Electrical traction systems
OS28 V 5.165.00 Thermic and air conditioning plants
OS30 VIII Unlimited LV distribution systems: telephone, radio and television systems